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The cappella Sansevero (also known as the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà or Pietatella) is one of the most important Museum of Naples. Located near the piazza San Domenico Maggiore, this church, now desecrated, is adjacent to the family palazzo dei principi di Sansevero, separated by an alley once topped by a suspension bridge that allowed family members to access the private place of worship.

The chapel houses masterpieces such as the veiled Christ, known worldwide for its marble veil that almost sits over the dead Christ, modesty and Disillusion, and is as a whole a singular complex and full of meanings.

The legend of the veil of the veiled Christ

The masterful rendition of the veil over the centuries has given rise to a legend that the Prince principal, the famous scientist and Alchemist Raimondo di Sangro, would teach the sculptor tissue calcification in marble crystals. For nearly three centuries, in fact, many visitors to the Chapel, impressed by the wonderful carved veil, they incorrectly believe the outcome of a "marbling" Alchemy performed by Prince, who would set the statue a proper veil, and they both marbled over time through a chemical process.



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