Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro

Via Duomo 149/A (Naples)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
12:59 PM-12:59 PM

The Museum is a museum complex of high historical and artistic value, cultural and spiritual, dedicated to the extraordinary works belonging to the treasure of San Gennaro, never exhibited so far, and the beautiful Sacristy with frescoes, among others, by Luca Giordano and paintings by Domenichino and Massimo Stanzione. The Museum was opened to the public in December 2003 due to a project funded by private companies, from European funds and local institutions, under the high patronage of the President of the Republic on a proposal from the Council of the Royal Chapel of the Treasury, one of the oldest institution in Italy (born 1601). The curator of the project is the current Director Paul Jorio. Ancient documents, valuables, silverware, jewelry, priceless paintings, part of the treasure of San Gennaro which, over the centuries, popes, Kings, illustrious men or ordinary people have donated to devotion to the Saint, have found and will find here their own place and above all, in various stages, the preparation of thematic exhibitions, following a logical path rare and extraordinary. The current exhibition about silverware, a unique collection that ranges from 1305 until nowadays and that, thanks to the work of the Council of the Royal Chapel of the treasure of San Gennaro, has reached us intact not undergoing any spoliation (to finance wars) and no theft. A collection that, aside from a single masterpiece of Provençal school, it's all the work of the great Neapolitan artisans and testifies to the skill, the skill, the extraordinary ability passed down through the centuries. The Museum is accompanied by a sound route that starts, in the first section, from voices of the streets of Naples, to underscore the strong membership and adherence with the roots of the city, then be in a prayer to San Gennaro in the section that exposes the silver compatroni busts that accompanied the procession of the Holy and the third section where is the reliquary of blood donated in 1305 by Charles of Anjou and that still carries the blood vials in procession, is evocative of the singing family of San Gennaro to tell us the miracle of liquefaction. The second floor is accessed the Sacristies, ever open to the public for four centuries and today, thanks to the Museum, you can admire in all their beauty.

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