Museum of rural culture arts and crafts

Via delle Cartiere, 55 (Amalfi)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-6:30 PM

The Museum was strongly backed by Mr. Louis Vinegar and his family joined a small cooperative "C.A.T.A.", the fifth generation of farming activities dedicated to the cultivation of lemons of Amalfi sfusato Amalfitano "him". It consists of a historical collection, made of nearly thirty years of research and acquisition, of objects, paintings, photos and mementos that evoke all the arts performed by professional craftsmen and peasants of the Amalfi Coast linked to land, sea and in the work in General: a press of 1600 to a modern Weaver; from the equipment used by the masters to modern paper boxes by store and by the time radio; a series of instruments for weighing "steelyards", the modern scales; from precision instruments of goldsmiths and winemakers to modern distillers for the production of grappa. Particular attention has been given to limonicoltura with evidence of equipment used for growing and for trade. Also on display are historic photos and logos of companies that exported this very important and valuable fruit worldwide. Containers, containers, weighing gauge tools and packaging of lemons. The route was divided into sectors and will make you relive centuries of sacrifices and deprivations that our ancestors faced to leave us a legacy the world we currently live in.

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