Diocesan Museum "St. Matthew"

Largo Plebiscito 12 (Salerno)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
3:00 PM-7:00 PM

H 21 °

Founded in 1935 by Mons. Arturo Capone, the Diocesan Museum "St. Matthew" from 1990, with the library and Archives of the diocese, is located in the former archiepiscopal Seminary of wide plebiscite, near the Cathedral. Established by the Arc. Gaspar Cervantes in the aftermath of the Council of Trent for the formation of the clergy, the building has been expanded and renovated over the centuries up to the present capacity of the early decades of the neoclassical nineteenth century. Crossed the entrance door leads to an airy courtyard. Here, on the ground floor, are deposits and direction, while the open exhibition halls on the first floor. The rich artistic heritage includes artifacts ranging from the middle ages to the 20th century. The famous eburneo cycle with scenes from the old and New Testaments (12th century), an altar frontal, according to the most accepted restitution, and the eleven membranaceo of roll sheets Exultet (13th century) showing the Preconio. The paintings, mostly on wood and canvas, dating from the 13th to the 20th century, although the present centuries are the 17th and 18th centuries with the collection from the Estate of the Marquis Giovanni D'aragona Sameh (1870). Offer a more representative contemporary currents of the varied landscape, with particular attention to Salerno Andrea Sabatini. The Museum also boasts a large coin collection, of which 923 Hellenistic age coins to the Norman period, already placed in message boards, and a Pontifical medagliere. There are also precious codes (11th century), also beautifully illuminated manuscripts (Pontifical of the 13th century), parchments (13 Degrees of the Salerno Medical College), Sixteenth and Seicentine. Enrich the collections sculptures (wood and marble), mosaic balustrades (12th century) from the bottom of the Cathedral Choir, Goldsmith works, a lapidary and several archaeological findings of Roman age and early medieval. Since 2006 the heirlooms have increased with the collection donated by the late Director Mons. Arturo Cannon and placed into two side rooms. In the direction are contracted out an archive temporarily and a library with about 4000 titles available on request.

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