National Museum of Duca degli Abruzzi Mountain

Via G. Giardino 39 (Turin)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
7:55 PM-7:55 PM

4 16 °

The first step in the creation of the Museum was completed in 1874 when, in the historical building on the Monte dei Cappuccini, was installed the Alpine Lookout, an Observatory open to the landscape of the Alps that surround Turin, consisting of a Hall equipped with mobile telescope. The project will be carried out by the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and find your seat in the former Capuchin monastery on the collina torinese. Witness the close relationship of Torino with the Alps, the Museum reconstructs in detail the history, culture and traditions of the mountain environment, not only of Piedmont but of the whole world, with a rich documentary apparatus and a large collection of objects. The exhibition space, which consists of several levels, says the mountain in its various aspects: from the environmental nature of the tradition, history and ethnography, material from the climbing practice to tourist use. The structure houses the National Library CAI (since 2003), internationally recognized, the documentation centre and the historical Film and video library.

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