St. Stephen's Museum

Via S. Stefano 24 (Bologna)

Oggi: 9:30 AM-7:30 PM
6:57 PM-6:57 PM

With offices in the complex of the basilica of Santo Stefano, housed in four rooms ending in the chapel of the bandage. Opened in 1916, was arranged by Francesco Malaguzzi Valeri originally in the refectory. After reset, works from 1999 he took over as the current hosting vestments and reliquaries, paintings and frescoes of the bolognese school, Venetian and Tuscany between the 13th and 18th centuries (Simone de ' crucifixes, Michele di Matteo, Alessandro Tiarini), and the reliquary of San Petronio, magnificent work of jewellery made in 1380 by Jacopo Roseto. In the first room there are reliefs from different eras , statues and capitals. In the second room, reserved for gold funds, boards and detached frescoes of the 14TH-16th centuries, we have works by Michele di Matteo, Simone de Crucifixes (' group of wise men ' and ' Crucified '), Jacopo di Paolo, Giovanni di Zoanello and a ' Madonna with child ' attributed to Lippo di Dalmasio. In the third room are exhibited paintings and altarpieces of the 17th and 18th centuries, among which include works by Alessandro Tiarini (' San Martino resurrects the widow's son '), Caccianemici Abdul Khader. Here you enter the "treasure of Santo Stefano": two small rooms with collections of jewellery and sacred shrines, including that of s. Petronio by Jacopo da Roseto (1380), relics of the Holy Cross, 17th-century relic of the Bandage of the seventeenth century, and other reliquaries, chalices, ciboria, chandeliers, monstrances, crosses, astili all of the XVII-XIX centuries. The fourth room (Chapel of the Bandage) retains the ' Holy of Holies ' (sec. XVI-XVIII) with wooden reliquary of St. Florian (sec. XVIII), sacred vestments (sec. XVIII) including the MITRE of St. Isidore, and a detached fresco of the thirteenth century: the ' massacre of the innocents ' by Berlinghiero from Lucca. It is annexed to a Restoration Laboratory Museum of jewellery, books, vestments and sacred furnishings in General.

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