Italian Museum of cast iron

Via S. Maria, 18/a (Chiesetta di Santa Maria delle Lacrime); S.s. Emilia 1671, loc. Ponte Ospedalet, (Longiano)

B 9 °

The Black Foundation-Italian Museum of cast iron is a research centre on street furniture, its shapes and its expressions within one hundred and fifty years of history. Preserving pieces of sophisticated workmanship, spectacular in their size and in their plasticity: stakes for gas or electric lighting, fountains, benches, shelves, doors, balustrades, scansaruote. Two venues: the first, opened in 1998, is located at the ancient Church of Santa Maria delle Lacrime, in the old village of the country; the second (MIG) is located within a large industrial space at the local company of items for lighting and street furniture in cast iron, S.p. seat a.La Black Santa Maria delle Lacrime exposes, in the context of a particularly attractive environment, some of the most valuable pieces in the collection, from Italian and European cities, mostly acquired through donations from Governments. Thanks to the support of vintage pictures hung on the walls, the artifacts make it possible to trace the history of the city and to grasp how rich attention to design and construction expertise to an art "minor" as the cast iron. The new and wider Museum site (MIG), opened in 2010, has finally given the entire collection allocation, offering the possibility of a complex and full of information. This section was created on the initiative of Domenico and Antonio Neri, owners of the major producer of items for lighting and street furniture, cast iron and can be visited at the company, where they performed well over the years patterns have been used by Blacks to s.p.a. restoration of original artifacts. The Foundation has a rich archive consisting of specialized texts, vintage catalogs of manufacturers, drawings, photographs, historic postcards on models produced in Italy and abroad in the late 19th century and early 20th century. A fixed appointment is the publication of half-yearly magazine & City Furniture, dedicated to initiatives, debates and researches on stylistic and design developments of iron artifacts in time. Founded in 1988, leaving the 1995 in bilingual edition (Italian-English).

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