Roman ship Museum

Via della Pescheria, 2, (Comacchio)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
3:00 PM-6:30 PM

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The discovery bridge downstream a hull full of Roman cargo is at the origin of the birth of the Museum. Discovered in 1981, the wreck was recovered only in 1989, after a long period of study on methods and tools to use, and the creation of equipped areas, aimed to the excavation, restoration and recovery. Some exhibitions and publications have, meanwhile, allowed access to information "returned" from the ship, which refer to the products delivered, their containers, objects of everyday use, including clothing items documenting the life on Board of a vessel of the Augustan age. Next to the ceramic material, amphorae, the lucerne and other materials by type rather widespread, in the rich collection of objects returned by "Fortuna Maris"-so was called the naviglio-some quite rare finds, particularly the three shrines and the Pyxis is decorated in lead. The objects had to be intended for sale, in fact, have the characteristics of a product and of poor quality: the bronze plates appear obtained, cut out and assemble to latches or welded. The wreck has also retained a number of skins that provide an accurate enough picture of footwear, clothing and containers used by people. This discovery allows you to wander on the details of the Roman clothing of the last quarter of the 1st century BC Were recovered, in fact, five sets of shoes of civilian use, daily, different types of jackets bags used by sailors. There are wooden artefacts, including a mortar finely decorated and some caskets that could constitute a sort of apothecary or guard travel irons one of the many doctors ' circulatores '.

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