Castello Estense

Piazzetta Castello 1 (Ferrara)

Oggi: 9:30 AM-5:30 PM
2:49 PM-2:49 PM

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Opened in 1998, the itinerary includes the underground, the Gothic halls on the ground floor, the former kitchens, the Torre dei Leoni, the apartment of the mirror and allows you to visit fifteen rooms of the Castle, following a path that dungeons of the Tower of the Lions, with the prisons, connects the ground floor to the first floor. You go this way once environments inhabited by Dukes, where you can still admire the decoration, with marble and frescoes. Between 2001 and 2003 historic environments, most outstanding architectural and artistic were connected with a philological reconstruction of educational impact, designed by the architect Gae Aulenti. The visit revolves around four themes, several of them but in connection with the castle: the factory as an image of power, the dynasty, the urban history of Ferrara and finally the estensi domains. Since 2006, the castle is also home to the Hermitage Italy project, the result of an agreement between the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg and the province of Ferrara, aimed at cataloguing the Italian operas of the Russian Museum, with special attention to the estense. The tour winds through the Gothic Halls, Ducal kitchens, the Curb adjacent to the original tower which incorporates part of the structure, the prison of Don Julio. The main floor is the Hall of Aurora, placed inside the Tower of the Lions, which is part, along with Game Room and Game Room, private apartments and representation made by the Dukes since the second half of the 15th century. The decoration of the rooms were entrusted to the Farrell family (his father Camillo and his sons Cesar and Sebastian), assisted by Leonardo da Brescia and Louis Settevecchi: they're all dating from the last but two decades of the 16th century. Remember, also, the "Alabaster dressing rooms" for the Ducal collections including paintings by Titian, Dosso Dossi and Garofalo grouped according to an iconographic programme focused on the theme of Bacchanalia and turns to sculptures of Antonio Lombardo.

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