Cathedral Museum

Via S. Romano (Ferrara)

Opened in 1929 in the lounge above the atrium of the Cathedral, the Museum remained in his seat until 2000, then moved in the adjoining former Church and convent of San Romano. Here you can see what treasures the old organ doors depicting the Annunciation and St George Slaying the Dragon (1469) by Cosmè Tura, leader of the pictorial School of Ferrara. Among the sculptures are the twelve 13th century tiles from marble Porta dei Mesi, lateral access to the Cathedral destroyed in ' 700. From the same port comes the beautiful capital with stories of St. John the Baptist. In the apse one can admire the Madonna of the pomegranate (1406) by Jacopo della Quercia. In the middle are eight magnificent tapestries with the life and martyrdom of Saints George and Maurelius, two patrons of Ferrara, between 1551 and ' 53, the Ducal Este manufactories, directed by Dutch Johannes Karcher, on cartons of Garofalo, and Camillo Filippi. A rich collection of illuminated antifonari, reliquaries, paintings and other works complete the Museum.

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