Church of the souls in purgatory (Trapani)

Via San Francesco D'Assisi 33 (Trapani)

The Church of the souls in purgatory is a church in the city of Trapani.
Important for Catholic worship, is home in the year of "20 sculptural groups" of the procession of the mysteries, during Holy week.


Located in piazzetta purgatory. Begun in 1688 to designs by don Pedro Castro, while the façade of 1712, the architect Tan Giovanni Biagio Amico which is buried in the Church. ,

Within the plan is a Latin cross with three naves. Is divided into two tiers and adorned with twelve stuccoed stone statues of the twelve apostles and Jesus, built by Charles Obi. The momentum of the central part, taller and the movement in the lower order develops dynamic effects of Baroque architecture, departing from fashion prevailing neoclassical. Damaged during the second world war, it was reopened for worship in 1962


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