Museo Civico

(c/o Rocca) via Don Minzoni, (Russi)

The 14th-century rocca gives hospitality to a series of collections of different origin and nature: works of art owned by the company of Ravenna HEALTH AUTHORITY concerning the territory (paintings, altarpieces, religious images, majolica, vestments); maps and drawings of Rajput territory from the Archivio Storico comunale; significant evidence of Luigi Carlo Farini and Alfredo Baccarini (watercolours, sculptures etc.) and the work of the members of the pictorial art of the twentieth century to Russians: Silvio Gordini and Cino Cantimori. The works are owned by the municipality of Russians, the Pro loco, protected House "B" and by private citizens. The ground floor of the building houses the archaeological museum with finds from the Roman villa of Russi. Exposes both the latest findings brought to light in 1998 during the digging of a well (clay pots, an earring, gold coins, bronze jugs and skeletons of animals), is found in pieces 50 (mosaics, plasters, bricks etc.). In 2004 it opened the section dedicated to the archival heritage of Minister Alfredo Baccarini, donated to the Town in 1937 by his daughter Mary. The Fund over time has further enriched thanks to the legacy of other documents from private collectors and relatives of the statesman.

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