The Museum of peasant life in Romagna

Via XVII Novembre, 2/a - loc. San Pancrazio, (Russi)

Y 31 °

The origin of the Museum dates back to an educational initiative of the late 1960s, initiated by master Luigi Sailor, who engaged the families of elementary students in research on local history. In some locations of the school houses about a thousand objects and furnishings typical of the rural House of the 19th century Ravenna, tools for working in the fields, on the Hague and in the barn, from craft shops and hawkers ' Kit. On some essential issues, such as material civilization "and weaving hemp", "grain" bread, "silkworm", "milk and cheese", "pig" and "wine" develops the collections of objects among them organically and typologically connected. The collection is accompanied by an extensive documentary and photographic apparatus and oral testimonies collected by the students diligently.

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