The regional natural reserve of Isole dello Stagnone of Marsala

Contrada Spagnola 112 (Marsala)

The regional nature reserve of Isole dello Stagnone of Marsala is a nature reserve in Sicily, founded in 1984 in the municipality of Marsala.


Extending on the West coast of Sicily in the municipality of Marsala, in the stretch of sea between Cape San Teodoro and capo Boeo or Lilybaeum, encompassing the four islands of San Pantaleo (Mozia), big island, choir and Santa Maria and saline coastal San Teodoro, Genna and Ettore Infersa.
The reserve includes the "Lagoon" (hence the name) a lagoon, the largest of Sicily characterized by shallow water (1-2 m and often no more than 50 cm). Following the movement of the sand of the lagoon caused by underwater currents formed the big island, around two original islets. The birth of the island closed a part of open source and sea here, as there is no current need to spare, the water has become stagnant, with a temperature above the normal.


The vegetation of the reserve is characterized by the presence of species adapted to high salinity xerophilous including include the suaeda (Suaeda maritima), the atriplice (Atriplex halimus), salicornia glauca (Arthrocnemum glaucum) and salicornia strobilacea (Halocnemum strobilaceum), curved (Parapholis incurva), sea Lavender delle saline (Myriolepis ferulacea), sea Lavender (Limonium serotinum), grass (Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum), sea Lily (Pancratium maritimum) and the sea Holly (Eryngium maritimum).
Also deserve a mention the Calendula maritima, a rare endemism of this stretch of the coast of western Sicily, and the Anemone palmata, a common growing on sandy substrate, present in Italy only in western Sicily and Sardinia.

Through history, costume, trivia

The big island was once a fief of hauteville, which drew the middle name of island of Altavilla. Was property, over the past century of wealth, of the family Adragna, one of the families who made Trapani, thanks to salt, one of the richest poles Mediterranean food.
The salt marshes of the island were the scene of a film about life in salina which Claudia Cardinale ... The movie comes out in 2016 "Crumbs" from Director Walter Nader involving Sergio Friscia, filmed in the reserve.



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