Tuna of Favignana

Via Libertà 8 (Favignana)

The tuna of Favignana, officially named Former Florio of the traps of Favignana and Ant, is an ancient tonnara, with conservation of fish plant, located in Trapani Egadi Islands. With its 32 thousand square meters, of which 3/4 covered, is one of the largest tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean.


The Florio family in 1841 leased the trap for the slaughter by the Pallavicini family of Genoa. Buy the islands of Favignana and Ant and acquired fishing rights in 1874, by Ignatius Florio who named the architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda and enlarged and restructured the tonnara, building the settlement for the conservation of tuna. He introduced the revolutionary method of preservation of tuna in oil after boiling and canning.

The tuna cut into pieces stewed in 24 large boilers, still visible today, and then place to dry. In another large local milk processing was carried out, using machines and welding machines. At the universal exhibition of 1891-92 the Florio showed up even tin cans with innovative key opening. With the construction of the plant, the renewed impetus given to fishing and the marketing of bluefin tuna, domestic and foreign major markets was amply repaid by the success, both in terms of image. And even when, in the early decades of the ' 900, what had been the most important industrial and financial group Sicilian production facility failed, Florio, remained fully passing, in the early 1930s, first among the companies owned by IRI, and in 1938 in the hands of entrepreneurs genovesi Parodi (Giovan Battista and Vittorio) who continued the business, which still maintain the brand Traps Florio. In 1985 the management was entrusted to the entrepreneur Tan Nino Castiglione, owner of a cannery and that already ran the tonnara San Cusumano. In 1991 the factory was acquired by the Sicilian region.

The work, undertaken by the technicians of the Ministry of cultural and environmental heritage of Trapani, were completed in 2010, making it a wonderful example of industrial archeology.

The Antiquarium

Inside a space is intended for Museum multimedia rooms, video testimonials related to slaughter and to trap, and also historical footage provided by the Istituto Luce. Admission is only in guided groups charge. There is a "antiquarium" with archaeological findings in the archipelago, including some of the battle of the Egadi Islands.


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