Augustine Church

Piazza S. Fedele (Como)

The basilica insigne Collegiate Church of San Fedele is an important place of Catholic worship in the historical centre of Como, dedicated to the Saint, evangelizer of the Church in the third century martyr como Sorico.

The Church is situated in the place where previously was an early Christian church dating back to the 7th century dedicated to Saint Euphemia. Important work of Lombard Romanesque is the chorus, inspired by the Palatine Chapel in Aachen, with an important sculptural decoration of the Magistri cumacini with Zoomorphic figures, monsters, Griffins, etc.  The current church dates back to 1120; the building is Romanesque and beyond, the original irregular aisles grafted onto a central plant, which is also the main apse irregular for less than two of the transept, covered by ambulatory covered by women's galleries. The nave is vaulted back with arched frame-Gable. The restoration of Antonio Garcia have altered the façade (1914) and the Bell Tower (1905). Intra-unit consumption of Roman pieces are carved above the door back into the Romanesque period and in the North ambulatory stoup on Lion capital adapted to penholder.



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