Corso Vannucci

Via Nicola Danzetta 16 (Perugia)

Oggi: 8:20 AM-1:00 PM
2:30 PM-4:45 PM

Corso Vannucci is the main street of Perugia. The road, which is named after Pietro Vannucci, painter born in Città della Pieve and known by the nickname Il Perugino, develops between impressive and important buildings: Palazzo dei Priori (downstairs the Collegio del Cambio, frescoed by Perugino, and the Collegio della Mercanzia), Palazzo dei Notari (15th century), Casa di Baldo degli Ubaldi (15th century), Church of Saint Isidore (Deconsecrated) , Palazzo Donini (1716).


The artery begins from piazza IV Novembre and ends at piazza Italy. The course leads to various streets: via Fani, via Mazzini and via Danzetta connect it with piazza Matteotti, after the suggestive via dei Priori intersects with the medieval alleys away dark, Moon Street and witches. Before piazza Italy the course is finally intersected by via Bonazzi and Fort Street.
Corso Vannucci, often called the parlor of Perugia, is characterized by a strong vitality and dynamism (take a bath, in dialect, means "take a walk in Corso Vannucci"), and alongside the historic tasks now pastry Sandri, bars, theaters, bookstores, boutiques and shops of any kind.
Halfway through the course, at the intersection with via dei Priori, is the entrance to the Galleria Nazionale dell'umbria.

Historical notes

The construction of the upper part of Perugia began in Etruscan. The course combines the colle del Sole al colle Landone, whose trough was filled according to ancient works of engineering. In the middle ages the course expanded to the present Piazza Matteotti, understanding it in itself. The ancient plan of the historic centre of Perugia, star-shaped, was characterized by five nearby ports of this important route. The course never lost its prominent position, even during the Papal domain. With the annexation of Umbria to the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, the renewed Italy Square, seat of the institutions of the region and province, it reinforced the centrality. Starting from the second half of the twentieth century the course was completely closed to traffic.



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