Borgo Antico

Via del Cenobio (Otranto)

The old town of Otranto is the historic symbol of the city and at the same time the commercial and entertainment heart of the evening.

The village is made up of alleys, streets and shops. The walk starts at Porta Terra and ends at Porta a Mare, near the Castello Aragonese.

All major historical monuments and meeting places are centralized here. The Annunciation Cathedral, known for its wonderful mosaic floor of monaco Pantaleone, Corso Garibaldi, full of shops and cafes. On the sea the imposing bastion of the Pelasgians, with the beautiful view over the whole Port of Otranto, and continuing the Heroes' Promenade.

In 2010, the old town has been recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage. It is part of the club "The most beautiful villages in Italy".

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