Porto Badisco

Strada Provinciale 87 19 (Otranto)

Porto Badisco is a beach town located in the municipality of Otranto, in the province of Lecce. Especially known for the culinary tradition of sea urchins.
Travel Destinations of considerable historical interest, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and is less than 8 km from Otranto, 37 km from Lecce, 8 km from Santa Cesarea Terme and 15 km from Castro.

The landing of Aeneas in Italy

According to one interpretation recurring Badisco was the first landing of Aeneas, described in Virgil's Aeneid: the hero would make a stopover there on his trip to Italy after fleeing from Troy. However, the literal references of Aeneid VI song refer to a well-populated place, with a temple dedicated to Minerva Phrygian place very high compared to the coast and with an arched harbor defended by a rock. The drivers to feel closer Virgil location to that of the Roman port of Castro where it documented the cult of the goddess Minerva and Cretan origins (suspicious people) of the founding of the landing city. In confirmation of this version, in July 2015 in Castro a group of archaeologists led by Amedeo Galati has found a female mutilated statue large. The work is presumably dating to the fourth century BC and may represent the goddess Minerva, thus confirming the hypothesis of the discoverers of the find, although the format for short skirt would suggest that this is un'Artemide. Kept to three meters from the ground to the center of Castro, the statue does not contain the gun and the other anatomical details, but brings exceptional traces of purple. Archaeologists also discovered the phalanx of a finger and arm and hopes to find out with time the other missing items. If it were possible to reassemble it, the statue would be at least four meters high.

The Deer Cave

In Porto Badisco it is also the Deer Cave, which contains important drawings made with bat guano dating to the Neolithic period and is characterized by numerous ravines and coves of exceptional beauty. In Direction Santa Caesarea-Castro-Leuca, furthermore, there is the so-called "Cave of Streaking", that is, the witches' cave, characteristic for entry crossed diagonally by a tongue of rock.

The Regional Park

Since October 2006, part of the territory of Otranto is part of the Leuca Otranto-Santa Maria Coast Park and Tricase Forest, established by the Region of Puglia in order to safeguard the east coast of Salento, rich in precious architectural monuments and important species animals and plants.

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