Villa Minutoli-Tegrimi Library

Via Carlo Piaggia 14 (Capannori)

The Villa Minutoli-Tegrimi library is located in the village of Vorno at Capannori, Lucca.
The building dates from the first half of the 17th century and belonged to the family Tegrimi library before settling around the mid-18th century to Mali-Tergimi. Towards 1860 the Park was refurbished giving it roughly the present appearance, landscaped grounds with formal grafts Tuscan tradition.
The building has a square base and rises four stories. The driveway is surrounded by cypresses that leads into rettilinio at the main entrance. On the façade a double flight, decorated with rustic balaustrini and mosaics, leads to the entrance. Portal frames, window frames and sash are stone stringcourse, silhouetted on intocano giving an effect.
At the other end of the Avenue a small square before the entrance gate has a semicircular shape with seats and stone columns against a backdrop of boxwood hedges. Two paths unfold from here to the double ramp and go along a grassy circular, enriched by tall trees and a tub.
In the other side of the Park at the rear of the villa there is a rectangular-shaped lawn with stone seats, surrounded by an oak forest, while a flight celimitata from here by two walls unravels grassy with drinking fountains and leads to a fountain decorated with mosaics.
Another fountain with coloured pebbles mosaic is located on the dividing wall between the garden and the kitchen garden, in a lateral position relative to the villa. The gate on the same wall is supported by pillars decorated with rocaille.
Among the essences implanted in the garden include Magnolia, Cedars, Palm trees, holm oaks and deodorizes a big tree at the back of the villa.


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