Church of St. Christopher (Capannori)

Vicolo San Carlo 36 (Capannori)

The Church of San Cristoforo is a sacred building in the locality of Hotels in Capannori.

History and description

Founded in 812, the original building with a single nave, which is the lintel, reused in the entrance hall was replaced in the 10th century a structure with three naves, whose external face and the decorations were renewed at the end of the 11th century.
With three naves divided by pillars with apse, with gabled façade away and pitched only has a much lowered face to drafts carefully squared. The building's architectural elements draw the geometric structure, concluded at the top from arcades originally decorated by ceramic basins now lost. The decoration of the shelves that support the arches alternates, motifs from medieval repertoire, ovoli elements and pink classical. The Church was converted since the sixteenth century: the façade took an oratorio with large Windows on the sides of the door, protected by a roof; inside were insert times instead of the original trusses.

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