Church of Sant'Antonio (Viareggio)

Piazza San Antonio (Viareggio)

The Sant'Antonio Church is a place of Catholic worship in Viareggio, province of Lucca, located in Corso Garibaldi 157. It is seat of the parish, governed by the Friars Minor.


The early church was built in the old town of Viareggio between 1624 and 1638, soon after the building of the first Church of the town (now the Church of the Annunciation, St Peter), built in 1600. The Church of St. Anthony was established as a parish in 1650 and was equipped with a baptismal font in 1661. Destroyed by bombing in 1944, it was rebuilt in the current forms by 1950, when it was reopened for worship.


The exterior of the Church of Saint Anthony is characterized by the main façade, unlike the rest of the structure, has a red-brick masonry. In each of the two side sections there are two rectangular Windows splayed; in the Middle, at the bottom, there is a porch with three bays, enclosed by a gate. The central entrance is surmounted by a loggia decorated with a mosaic of Saint Anthony of Padua. In the porch are three portals giving access within the Church.
Inside, the Sant'Antonio Church has a nave with side chapels and apse. The nave has trusses and opposite the façade there is a choir that opens with five arches. The chapels are home to various statues and the stations of the cross. The nave ends with the apse square, where lies, raised, the presbytery, with modern furnishings in Carrara marble and sculpted Crucifix.

Pipe organ

Behind the altar, is the pipe organ Mascioni opus 599, built in 1944.
The instrument is in electrical transmission and is located within three niches in the wall of the apse seabed each with an arch; the view within each niche consists of Main canes arranged in unique Spire with lateral wings. The console, mobile has three keyboards of 61 notes each and concave-32 radial pedal notes.
The following disposition:



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