Ballarò (Palermo)

Via Porta di Castro 71-77 (Palermo)

Ballarò is a well-known Palermo's historic market, along with other named Vucciria, Capo, flea market and Laiche.

The market

Permanent market stretches from Piazza Casa Professa the ramparts of course Tukory towards Porta Sant'Agata. The market is famous for selling the first fruits that come from the countryside of Palermo. Ballarò is the oldest of the city's markets, frequented daily by hundreds of people, animated by the so-called abbanniate, i.e. by the loud calls of vendors who, with their distinctive and colorful local accent, try to attract the interest of passers-by. Looks like a pile of thronging stalls and with road overgrown with wooden crates containing the merchandise that is continually shouted, abbanniata, chanted to advertise the good quality and good price of products. Ballarò market is mainly food, used especially to selling fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, but also household goods for kitchen and household cleaning, as Cape and Vucciria markets.

Cooked foods

Within the market fruit shops selling cooked food and foods to street, Palermo cuisine as boiled or baked onions, panelle (chickpea flour pancake), croquettes or cazzilli (potato croquettes), boiled vegetables, Octopus, quarume (veal innards), roll with the meusa (spleen).


Heart of the quarter of the Albergheria, the ballaro market is named after Bahlara, village at Monreale from where came the Arab merchants, or "Vallaraya", name of an Indian King of the Deccan region.
According to others the name Ballaro ' is of German origin, Ferdinand Ballaro ' was the captain of King Ferdinand of Aragon in Palermo in 1400; It also says that the market is called Ballaro ' because the family Ballaro ' collected on behalf of the King of Spain a percentage on sales of foodstuffs for sale to the market of Ballaro '. Or even that the etymology of the name of this market typically Arab, Ballarò derives from Arabic Souk el Ballarak, mirror market.


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