The Boss (Palermo)

Via Porta Carini 46 (Palermo)

The boss is an ancient and popular district of the historic centre of Palermo; with the same term the of Palermo ones indicate either the market that is held and where the neighborhood is identified.


The Capo market, along with the other markets of Palermo as Ballarò, the Vucciria, Laiche and flea market, is a major food retail outlets. Is a lively and characteristic folklore, even food market: the colors, the screams (s vuci) of the vendors, the animation of the stalls make it an essential part of the character of the city of Palermo. Is an active market every day, giving you the ability to buy both food and other merchandise. Stretching along the via Carini and Beati Paoli, Augustine Street and Cappuccinelle Street.


Were the Augustinians to populate this area, since they had their headquarters in the convent adjacent to the 14th century Church of St. Augustine. One of the main entrances to the market is to Porta Carini, near which is the courthouse.
Characteristic is the name of some of the roads that are located in this area: via "flying Chairs", via "Scippateste", via "my pet".


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