Church of the Immaculate Conception and St. Lazarus

Via Terrapezzina 6 (Camaiore)

The Church of the Immaculate Conception and St. Lazarus is a place of Catholic worship of Camaiore, Lucca.

History and description

The Franciscan church was built with the adjacent convent in 1610. In front of the Church, the chapel of the crucifix reminds the passage and anchorage, on the end of the 14th century, a penitential company of whites. The monastic Church, preceded by a portico with double order which leads also to the cloister, where many headstones remain to document burials of several noble families near Camaiore, has a single nave with six side altars and an imposing altar of 1627 with the statue of the Immaculate. Valuable wooden choir and sacristy and furniture of note among the painted the altarpiece with Saints George, Bernardino, Francesco and other unidentified, dated 1651 and signed by lucchese Tiberius Francs. The pipe organ of the Church, fully mechanical transmission, with 10 records on two manuals and pedal, was built in the first years 2010 from Nicola Puccini.


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