Villa Borbone delle Pianore

Via dei Lecci 142 (Camaiore)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Villa Borbone delle Pianore is located at Capezzano Pianore, near Camaiore (LU).

History and description

The villa complex consists of three buildings of different eras: the northern part was built in 1964, the central body in the late 18th century, while the southern part from the end of the 19th century.
The main building, the oldest part of the villa, is a building of modest dimensions, the result of the restructuring of a mill. It was used as a villa by the Duchess of Lucca Maria Teresa of Savoy, wife of Carlo Ludovico di Borbone.
The construction was an adjoining chapel which underwent several changes during the 19th century. Today has a curious neo-Renaissance façade, created by a wooden structure painted with a portal with lintel, tympanum and carved a bezel that simulates the della Robbia pottery. The structure was built in 1893, on the occasion of the marriage of the eldest daughter of the Duke of Parma, Robert I, Maria Luisa with Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria. Inside is a wooden altar from the chapel of the villa Rinchiostra Cybo Malaspina.
The 19th century building, located in the South, it is an imposing three-storey building which incorporates some Renaissance architectural themes. Are well preserved the rich interior decoration: coffered ceilings, stucco and polychrome marble.
The Park, designed by the architect Deschamps, was released simultaneously to the 19th. This is composed of both native and exotic species as was customary in the fashion of the time.
In villa spent his life long Princess Maria Teresa of Savoy, wife of Carlo Ludovico di Borbone, already Duke of Lucca and Parma, and later died in 1879. On 9 may 1892 there was born Princess Zita of Bourbon, last Empress of Austria, wife of Emperor blessed Charles I.
Currently the villa is owned by the religious order Cavanis, in use at the municipality of Camaiore.


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