Lorraine Forte

Via Stagi Stagio 44B (Forte dei Marmi)

Oggi: 12:30 PM-11:30 PM
7:30 PM-11:30 PM

Lorraine also called Fort "Fort", is a military building which is located in the Centre of the town of Forte dei Marmi.
Coastal fortification was built in the 18th century by the Lorraine, with defensive functions and sighting along the northern coast of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, along with twins Fort of Castagneto and forte di Bibbona. Could communicate by emitting light signals, on the North by the Cinquale, and on the South by the Fort of Motrone, both lost as a result of the bombing of the second world war. In addition to the predominant function of Defense, the architectural structure was used as a warehouse of marble during the time that the Jetty was used as stopover commercial for the white stone.
Lorraine Fort looks like a quadrangular complex consisting of two buildings placed against each other. The main building, used in the past to living functions, it has a rectangular plan, culminating at the top with a small bell tower which stands in a central position over the four pitched roof covering. On one of the two long sides, the residential building leans against a rampart with powerful base scarpa that culminates with a terrace to the sentinels, which you can access from the ground floor of the main building. The whole architecture of the bastion has walls covered with brick, while the main building looks plastered.
During the era when the then village of Forte dei Marmi functioned as a "port" for carriage of marble by sea, the Fort was used as a warehouse for the marbles. During the Fascist period the Fort was the casa del fascio or palazzo littorio, Forte dei Marmi, subsequently became the seat of post and currently after a period of inactivity it is home to the Museum of satire and caricature.


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