Villa Bertelli

Via Alessandro Volta 6 (Forte dei Marmi)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
3:00 PM-7:00 PM

Villa Bertelli is a villa from the late 19th century in the village municipality of Forte dei Marmi, Vittoria Apuana in via Mazzini 200.


The building was constructed in 1896 as headquarter of the Italian explosive products (pets). There was a sea Dock connected to the villa, used to ship the mines manufactured by the company abroad.
At the end of World War I the company faced a crisis because of the collapse of the request of mine, and he was forced to close its doors. The headquarters of Forte dei Marmi was acquired in 1926 by Ilium Bertelli who turned it into a hotel called Villa Bertelli. The pier was demolished in the 1930s.
The business closed in 1971, and remained in a State of disrepair for many years. It was fully revived in early 2000 when the town of Forte dei Marmi bought the villa first exhibition space. Currently it is home to many initiatives promoted by the Town Council as Christmas and summer concerts and art exhibitions.
A restoration took place recently allowed villa to regain its glory since it had been left to the ravages of time which had transformed the building and the surrounding park in degradation. Now the Park has been living with trails that run through and an impeccable care. The villa is managed by the Villa Bertelli Foundation chaired by Carlo Fontana.


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