Palazzo Comunale (Pienza)

Piazza Pio II 1 (Pienza)

Oggi: Chiuso

The Town Hall of Pienza, already Building, is the former residence of the Priori and is located on Piazza Pio II, opposite the Cathedral.

Features of the building

The Palace, perhaps designed by Bernardo Rossellino but rebuilt in 1900, features a portico with three arches resting on ionic columns.
The façade, in travertine, is open at the top by four mullioned Windows and has a clock tower built in brick, with long Windows and crowned by a double row of Blackbirds. Within the porch the façade is adorned with graffiti and the coats of arms in stone of various Podestà that remained, besides those of Pope Pius II Piccolomini, province and municipality of Pienza.
On the left of the building is interesting to note a lodge of ' 400 with extruded sides, overlooking via Marconi.
Inside the Palace, in the boardroom, there is a fresco of the Sienese School of the ' 400 depicting the Madonna and child and the patrons of Pienza (San Vito, San Modesto and San Matteo).



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