Church of San Francesco (Montalcino)

Via della Piazzola 6A (Montalcino)

The San Francisco church is a sacred building is located at the end of via Ricci in Montalcino. Today no longer officiated, is owned by the municipality of Montalcino.

History and description

It was rebuilt in the 13th century on the spot where stood the Church of Sant'Angelo in Castelvecchio. The Church was converted in the 18th century by Thomas P. Frescoes by Vincenzo Tamagni (1510), with stories of the life of the Virgin, the Domine quo vadis? and the fall of Simon Magus.
In the left aisle, a painting by Ventura Salimbeni with St. Simon Stock it receives from the Virgin the scapular. The century painting by Alessandro Casolani with the allegory of the Immaculate Conception; and the Madonna and child in glory with Saints (1710) by Niccolò Lapi.



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