Chiesa di Sant'Agostino (Montalcino)

Via Ricasoli 31 (Montalcino)

Augustine's Church is a sacred building situated along the middle of Montalcino.

History and description

The construction of the imposing church refers to the first three hundred.
The façade is divided into two parts by a list of stone: the lower one is opened by a pointed portal with pinnacles and frame decorated in stylized sheets; the upper one appears the result of restoration, with the inclusion of a large eye with rosette. The Interior repeats the usual convent with a wide nave ending in a square chapel with a cross Vault.
Left the monastic premises you collect around the two cloisters;
The walls of the Church were painted by Sienese artists of the 14th and 15th centuries, with scenes from the passion of Christ and the story of the life of Saint Anthony.
The frescoes of the choir with stories of Saint Augustine, evangelists and doctors of the Church are attributed to Bartolo di Fredi.



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