Church of Sant'Egidio (Montalcino)

Via Panfilo dell'Oca 4 (Montalcino)

The Church of Sant'Egidio or Church of Siena is a Catholic place of worship located in Montalcino, in the province of Siena.

History and description

It was built in 1325 to replace another demolished to construct the formwork. It was the official Church of the Republic of Siena to Montalcino. Presents a simple Romanesque façade of stone; high above the eye, the sock. The oldest building are perhaps some sculptures placed in the outer walls. Good workmanship is the belltower.
The Interior has a single nave; leaning against the walls, stone pillars supporting the roof beams with alternating big arches. An elegant tabernacle on the high altar in carved wood, gilded and painted with the risen Christ and Saints by Alessandro Casolani. On the right wall of the chancel, a detached fresco with the Madonna and child with Saints (late 14th century).



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