Cala Luna

Sentiero Cala Fuili - Cala Luna (Dorgali)

Cala Luna is a beach on the Gulf of Orosei, in the province of Nuoro. The beach is the mouth of a river that marks the border of the municipalities of Dorgali and Baunei towns claiming ownership of the site in turn, such a stream, called Codula di Luna, stretches for several kilometers, originating on the slopes of Mount Oseli (984 m a.s.l.) in the municipality of Urzulei.
The beach is characterized by the presence of some caves and coves in front of the shoreline, due to sea erosion on limestone rock.
Cala Luna is famous for its beauty and uniqueness, and was used as a setting for the recording of many Italian and foreign films.
You can easily reach by sea, through the service provided by some boats that shuttle with the nearby port of Cala Gonone, Baunei, Tradewinds or Arbatax.
Reach the beach by land takes a couple of hours, with the path that starts from Cala Fuili, a latch on the cliffs pretty challenging overhangs the Bue Marino, a branch line leads to the entrance of the cave, and overland Cala Oddo before descending to the Cala Luna.

Alternatively you can reach the beach from the SS 125 km 172.100 place. Along a narrow asphalt road, with steep uphill and downhill for about 10 km to the town of Telettotes where it ends. From here you must walk for other 10 km inside the Codula di Luna following the bed of the stream.
A third possibility is to take the track that the street Dorgali-Cala Gonone opens up to the m. Malopès (253 m a.s.l.). From here continue for about 8 km in the direction of Cuili Bucchiarta. From here a steep path, called s'iscala ' e su molente, leads into Codula di Luna at about 2 km from the beach.
Fun fact: the Chilean group Inti-Illimani has devoted to this magnificent Beach and the whole island a beautiful song, known as "Cala Luna Dance".



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