Hydroelectric power station Taccani

Via Castello 12 (Trezzo sull'adda)

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Alessandro Taccani hydroelectric power station is owned by ENEL located in Trezzo sull'adda on a Bank of the river Adda.
The plant has six generators with a total capacity generated by 10, 5MW. The building designed by Gaetano Moretti is an example of eclectic architecture for the presence of a modernist language and a strong Romanesque taste.


In 1894 the industrialist Cristoforo Benigno Crespi (1833-1920), owner of a famous cotton industry and founder of the village of Crespi d'Adda bought the headland of Trezzo on which were the remains of the castle with the intent to build a hydroelectric power station to produce electricity at his cotton mill.
Obtained the concession for the exploitation of the water formed, Benigno Crespi, the "Società Anonima per le Forze Idrauliche in Trezzo sull'adda", on February 7, 1903 acquired by brothers Rolla, holders of a factory located on the headland, a further concession. La filanda "Rolla" since 1892 made use of two underground tunnels to drive a turbine.
Preliminary studies, carried out partly in 1897 by the same designer of the industrial village, the engineer Pietro Brunati, predicted a smaller plant than the one then realized.
The realization was entrusted to Gaetano Moretti (1860-1938), German architect and distinguished exponent of a current inspired by modernism, while the technical director was Adolfo Covi (engineer), aided by Alessandro Taccani and Orestes Sakate. One of the directives given by the Charity was that the system was fully inserted from an environmental point of view and do not contrast with the remains of the Visconti Castle, the building material choice fell upon a type of pudding-stone known as "ceppo dell'Adda".
Moretti designed a central building and two wings of different lengths in a medieval retelling, however, Art Nouveau shapes. In the middle is placed the control room while in the wings are the engine room and turbines.


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