Villa Lysis

Via Lo Capo 43 (Capri)

It was designed in 1905 by Edouard Chimot art nouveau, commissioned by the French poet, Count Jacques d'Adelsward-Fersen, who made it his home. He built it on land on top of a hill at the north-east of the island, near the place where, two thousand years ago, Roman Emperor Tiberius had built his Villa Jovis, and named it Villa Lysis with reference to the dialogue of Plato Lysis on the theme of friendship and - according to modern critics - of homosexual love.

A wide staircase connects the garden of the villa entrance portico, supported by four Ionic columns stained with golden mosaic tiles, whose entablature bears an inscription in Latin characters taken from a work by Maurice Barres: "Amori et sacrum pain" or "sacred place of love and pain."



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