Augustus gardens

Via Matteotti, Capri NA (Capri)

The Gardens of Augustus, initially known under the name of Krupp gardens are a citizen of Capri park.

They were initiated by Friedrich Alfred Krupp, the German steel industrialist who in the early twentieth century bought some property on the island, with the intention - that never came true - to build a villa. Known as Krupp gardens until 1918, after the First World War was renamed Augustus gardens by the municipality, in honor of the first Roman emperor.

Constitute a true botanical garden that houses various specimens of the island's flora, with ornamental plants and not. The beauty botanical, joins a very wide view on many of the scenic beauty of the island; they, in fact, to one can get a panoramic 180 degree views of Capri island: by the fact you can see the Mount Solaro, the bay of Marina Piccola, Via Krupp and the famous cliffs.

In the gardens there is also a monument to Lenin, who lived in Capri in 1908 as a guest of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky. The monument consists of different marble blocks, which reach a height of 5 meters; the greater of them is carved the face of Lenin. The monument was created in 1968 by sculptor Giacomo Manzu, where the work was commissioned Soviet embassy in Rome after being approved by the city council.



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