Via Tragara 28 (Capri)

The cliffs of Capri are three rocky peaks located to the southeast of the island namesake, famous throughout the world thanks to the charming and historical overview offered by the Gardens of Augustus.

These emergencies are identified with three different names: the first (the mainland) is the Stack of the Earth; the second, separated from the first by the sea, is to Vessel; while the third, towards the sea, is the Out Stack. The latter is well known because it is the only habitat of the legendary blue lizard.

The stacks are:

Stack of Earth (or Lightning), which is the only one still connected to the mainland, is the highest with its 109 meters.

Stack di Mezzo (or Star), is one in which there is a cavity in the center, a 60 meters long natural tunnel that crosses the whole, reaches a height of 81 meters. The name is perhaps due to a cult of the Madonna della Libera, also known as Stella Maris, which was dedicated a fourteenth-century chapel on the mountain Castiglione.

Out of Stack (or Scopolo), ie promontory overlooking the sea, which reaches a height of 104 meters. On this last faraglione lives the famous blue lizard.



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