Church of the Itria Valley

Piazza Francesco Crispi, Cefalù PA 13 (Cefalù)

The church is located in Piazza Crispi, leaning against the head Marchiafava bastion. Originally it was two adjoining churches, St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary dell'Odigitria, commonly called "dell'Itria". The first, probably the XVI century, belonged to the brotherhood of the same name, mentioned in legal acts of 1509 and 1535. The second was originally a chapel, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, also owned by the brotherhood. Later he ceded to the bishop Ottaviano Proclamation, which established the confraternity of Santa Maria dell'Itria (or St. Nicholas of Tolentino) and the chapel was soon transformed into a church and oratory.

The two churches became a single parish in 1961, with the title dell'Itria and St. John. As a result, the two buildings were unified opening of the arches on the wall inside and help them communicate, and creating, outside, a single statement.



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