Palazzo Pirajno

Piazza del Duomo 18 (Cefalù)

The Palazzo Pirajno is a noble building of Cefalu.


Located in Piazza Duomo, was built in the late 16th century by the noble family Lion masons, then was traded to Pirajno of Mandralisca. The prospectus, recognizable in sixteenth-century original, we highlight the elegant balconies, lumachella hold down clamps, as well as the portal to Tuff, rusticated. Clearly legible, despite some failures, the courtyard with elements derived from Catalan architecture with ladder leaning against the back wall. Finally, substantial stone handrail, moulded, and the elegant carved Corbels supporting the balcony of disengagement. The original interior are discreetly legible some salons with coffered ceilings.


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