Chiesa del Purgatorio (Cefalu)

SS113 72 (Cefalù)

The Church of purgatory, otherwise known as St Stephen's Church, is a religious building of Cefalu.


The Church looks on a small square opening onto corso Ruggero. The isolate was previously occupied by several buildings, including a former Church Santo Stefano and the chapel of Santa Margherita, founded in 1466 by family Giaconia and abolished at the beginning of the 17th century.
The Church of Santo Stefano, initially entrusted to the confraternity, was passed in 1601 that Daniel "Danny" (or "of the souls in purgatory", founded in 1596 as a continuation of previous brotherhood "of death"). The fraternity bought the buildings adjacent to the Church and built the new Church of the Purgatory, whose façade was completed in 1668. In 1868 the paving of the square outside was lowered. The 1895 is also headquarters of the "Congregation of the Virgin", just set up.


In 1927 was a restoration: external plaster of the prospectus were taken, placed in the walls of the base and placed the symmetry of the prospectus. The façade is preceded by a staircase double ramp and has a baroque portal. It originally had two towers: the one on the right, incomplete, is partly hidden by a next building, while the left one, culminating in a Spire, serves as the campanile.


The Interior is divided into three separate aisles by columns with monolithic. There you will find the chapel of the crucifix and St Peter the Apostle, founded in 1614, which houses a statue of our Lady of Sorrows he edited the "nation of butchers". The Church contains a crypt with the bodies of ascribed to the Confraternita dei Neri (or of souls in purgatory).
Above the altar there is a large painting of 1813 ("Christ that imparts the Eucharist at souls"). In 1867 there was translated the burial of Baron Enrico Pirajno of Mandralisca, with a marble sarcophagus, sculpted palermitano Salvatore Valenti (Luigi Saadi-dictionary of Sicilian artists-sculpture-Palermo, 1994)


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