Church of Saint Paul (Sorrento)

Via Torquato Tasso 44 (Sorrento)

St Paul's Church is a church located in the historic centre of Sorrento: attached to it is also the namesake convent of Benedictine nuns, later transformed into an educational institution.

History and description

The Church, as testified by some documents existed before 872; sacked by the Turks in 1558, underwent numerous alterations over the centuries that have altered the original appearance: in particular the restoration of the 18th century, precisely those parties after an earthquake in 1731, have given to a typically Baroque.

The façade was rebuilt in 1725 although it remained incomplete at the top: this is characterized by the use of wall column, typical architectural style used by Michelangelo Buonarroti. the lower part is made of tufa, decorated in Doric order, with the entrance encased between two columns, while the top is simply painted, with a central circular window. Internally the Church is a Latin cross, with a single nave with a barrel vault, decorated with lunettes and mortars, as well as several boxes and Chattopadhyay, wooden, from which the nuns attended sacred celebrations; down the aisle there are two chapels on each side, both adorned with inlaid coloured marbles: in a chapel on the right a door leads to the former monastery, while in a chapel on the left, another entrance leads to the vestry. On the main altar, as well as a canteen in polychrome marble, a canvas depicting the conversion of Saint Paul, flanked by statues of santa Scolastica and san Benedetto: the sides of the presbytery the chapel on the right side has a painting of Saint Benedict and Scholastica 1729 representing that show the sacred rule to Placido and Mauro, while in the chapel on the left side is another canvas with the depiction of the assumption of our Lady into heaven dated 1736. Characteristic is the entire floor of the Church, discreetly preserved, faïence on baked, decorated with drawings of animals, flowers and leaves are also used for covering ceramics: outside the dome; has a small bell tower.



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