Oratory of our Lady of the assumption (Portofino)

Via di Santa Zita 22 (Portofino)

The Oratory of our Lady of the assumption is a place of Catholic worship of Portofino, situated in via Roma.

History and description

The oratory, entitled to the assumption and the seat of the confraternity, founded by the same community of Governing in the 14th century. During the fifteenth century underwent several structural changes that altered the original appearance trecentesco.
The exterior features, on the main entrance, a slate Portal dating back to the Renaissance and surmounted by a lunette of 1555; This bezel is a bas-relief Madonna and child surrounded by members of the local fraternity.
Inside are two large processional crucifixions-one white and one black--who weigh 105 and 115 kg respectively; even today are carried in procession on the occasion of the feast of Saint George.


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