Oasi Le Foppe

Strada Provinciale 2 62 (Trezzo sull'adda)

In a picturesque setting, away from the urban bustle of Trezzo, it rises the Oasi Le Foppe, a natural environment, managed by the WWF. migratory birds and wild animals, protected and rescued by the community of volunteers from the neighborhood, stop here and find a safe haven. The Oasis was born in the nineties thanks to a group of volunteers who had at heart the dramatic situation of the area, completely degraded and used as landfill.

Over two thousand years did the Oasi Le Foppe and formally constitutes the WWF Association Le Foppe. There are numerous activities and projects dedicated to environmental awareness and, in particular, to the preservation of the territory, such as the National Day of Oasis or the Spring Festival, which allow visitors to get closer to the wildlife world and discover the beauty that nature reserve there. Appointments can also be differentiated according to the seasons: during the period from March to July visits are reserved to schools and recreation centers, in September there is the usual bike ride in the park and in the rest of the year are organized conferences, meetings, seminars and various kinds of interesting and engaging workshops.

The activities allow you to meet the costs arising from the maintenance and periodic management of the Oasis, support the development and scientific research and restore the adjacent areas. The perfect place to unwind from busy everyday routine.

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