Santuario di Concesa

Via Leonardo Da Vinci 5 (Trezzo sull'adda)

Built in 1600, the Concesa Sanctuary is associated with the legend that a woman named Felicita Polini lived in a village situated on the bank of the river Adda and because of an illness that forced her to bed, that he brought the water of the river, he drank and healed. For gratitude, the woman promised to build a chapel on the site of the miracle, but because of a second incident sent the commitment. Healed, Felicita renewed the promises, but again did not respect. Sick, and this time dying, she asked her husband to keep the promise made to Our Lady of Concesa. The man shaken by his wife's death, he kept his promise and began the work then opened, in 1641. Under the architectural appearance of the sanctuary can be counted among the beauties of the Lombard Baroque, with marble inserts and decorated with frescoes and statues depicting saints, and of course, the Divine Maternity of Mary. The picturesque landscape, which is the building frame, helps to make the Sanctuary a haven of peace and serenity.

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