Villa Gina

Via Paolo Bassi 6 (Trezzo sull'adda)

Oggi: 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

The elegant Villa Gina is a house built around 1855 by the mayor Paolo Bassi, but the present name is given by the entrepreneur Silvio Crespi in honor of his wife Gina. During the Fascist regime, the Villa was converted into a professional institute for war orphans, but was soon occupied by the military. Subsequently, during the 50s, it became a center for troubled teens and is currently owned by the City of Trezzano and seat of the North Adda Park. Periodically, on the inside, they are organized public events such as exhibitions, dances and cultural events with the participation of a growing number of visitors. Of its architecture, they are clearly visible the classic neo-Renaissance style, for example, the staircase of walnut, high coffered ceilings and the impressive slate fireplace. The Villa overlooks three rivers: the Adda, Crespi and the Martesana canal, surrounded by the scenic North Adda Park vegetation so dear also to Leonardo da Vinci.

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