Chapel of the pious Congregation of bankers, shopkeepers and Merchants

via Garibaldi 25 (Turin)

Oggi: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM

B 28 °

The chapel was opened in 1692 to provide the "Pious Congregation of bankers, shopkeepers and merchants of Turin" (Association founded in 1662) a place of encounter and prayer. His achievement came about thanks to the involvement of direct Rector of the Jesuits, father Augustine Provana (1641-1726).
The Interior consists of a rectangular Chamber covered by a frescoed Vault by the painter Stefano Maria Legnani (Legnanino said, 1661-1713) with themes focusing on "salvation history" sections of the old and New Testaments. The walls are adorned with twelve large paintings depicting scenes of the Glorification of the Epiphany and are mostly the work of Andrea Pozzo and his workshop.
In 1769 the building was restored by Bernardo Antonio Vittone who designed the new facade.
In the sacristy, you preserve the shovel, already on the altar of the chapel of the Congregation of primitive, depicting the adoration of the Magi of Moncalvo, and an ingenious mechanical calendar (from the year of the common era to 4000), built on a project by the Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Turin Giovanni Amedeo Plana in 1835 c. and decorated with a complex iconography in print.

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