della Vittoria, 1 (Pescia)

The historic Garzoni Garden represents the happy synthesis between geometric Renaissance and the spectacularity of the nascent Baroque. The garden can be considered an artwork of rare equilibrium, where the Green, staircases, the triumphs and the statues are a totally unique. From 2007 in the garden you can visit the Butterfly House, one of the first houses of butterflies made in Italy. Inside you can admire several exotic environments (Amazon, tropical and afro-indo-southern Butterfly Image) the most beautiful butterflies that every day you Woo, feed and reproduce inside. In the Butterfly House of Collodi is also a teaching centre for insects which hosts rare species of insettari and Ant nests of huge scientific interest. The Villa, called the hundred Windows, is an example of taste and culture of Tuscany, whose impressive 700 kitchen worked the father of Carlo Lorenzini (Collodi) author of Pinocchio. You can not visit it because being restored.

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