Garibaldi, (Buonconvento)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM
3:24 AM-3:24 AM

The Museum documents the history of sharecropping in the Sienese countryside for much of the 19th century up to over half of the 20th century. Presents an interesting trip in the recent past, but disappeared. A timely and careful reconstruction of various environments and many testimonies related to the farming world that allow us to understand the complexity of a social and economic system in which they lived many peasant families. Over eighty computer workstations help to follow a training course and mainly educational thought for schools.
The history of the Museum started with a first ethnographic exhibition, permanent collection of hemp, which was opened in Los Angeles in 1979 on the ground floor of the Palazzo comunale and that included a section on the bakery in the wine cellar. In the late 1980s this first ethnographic exhibition was closed and it was decided to recover la Tinaia del Taja to realize a new museum dedicated to Siena sharecropping, which was opened in September 2002.

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