Soccini, 15/19 (Buonconvento)

The Museum located in adjacent rooms to the oratory was opened on 14 September 2002.
The work, strongly supported by Governor Easley Babel, aimed at structural and functional recovery of the premises of the confraternity of Mercy, was made entirely with the funding of the Foundation Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the supervision of the Superintendency of artistic and historical heritage of Siena and Grosseto Demoetnoantropologico and curated by Dr. Anna Maria Guiducci, and from the primary interest of the provincial administration of Siena , through its President. Not to be left out the commitment and creativity of two technicians: the Geom. Giovanni Benedetti and the architect Michael Gammon.
Remember that "Mercy" Testimonials & Heritage is a museum exhibition to private character.

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