Nuova 1 (Pienza)

The long history of poor Theater of Monticchiello, gained in over 40 years, gave birth to the unique TEPOTRATOS structure: Art-Museum installations through which not only the traditional theatre, but also the world and the rural culture that created it are trying to project themselves into the future. This is the meaning of the great oak tree, with roots to the sky, at the Centre of the exhibition. Thus it is that tradition and progress, chronologically and culturally distant reality, come together in one show interactive and multimedia, where modern technology, arts and crafts, become the constraint with which that world past approaches to the show today. Microchips Gush the chants of maggiaioli and those of bruscello, come to life videos of Poor Theatre, befanate, torches, the old Saw ... the peasant crafts and a wide collection of old tools. Of that work, meet with works of art, refined sculptures that speak to us of the changes occurring in these lands that were and still are largely linked to generations of farmers. Evidence of this link is the same facility where TEPOTRATOS, once a breadbasket of the largest farm that collects in Monticchiello, farms today recovered to the community thanks to poor theater.

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